Dance Scripts

Need a new Dance script, this is the place!

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Dance Scripts

Post by Talidro »

Ever been to a party and wondered how every one was always dancing?

Well, now you can stop wondering, because the GSP Dancers bring you a selection of dance scripts.

Eventually, we'd like to add more to this forum, but we have to start somewhere!

So, without further ado...
v1.1 2018-07-13
updated installation instructions in README.txt
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The scripts

Post by Conjuring »

That's great! Yeah, I was kinda wondering at the ARK party I went too how everyone kept dancing and at the same time they were responding to contests and talking in Vicinity at the same time.

All I'd remembered was Macro's so I'm sitting there pressing 1, 2, ect. and if I typed I stopped dancing. I'd forgotten about scripts so this helps a ton!

Thanks a lot! I'll try them out!

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Re: Dance Scripts

Post by Jezebelle »

These scripts still work, but the location to install them changed when the servers merged. The actual location of your "Scripts" folder is no longer in the Anarchy Online installation folder. It is, in fact, determined by your Windows version and configuration, so the best way to find it is to ask AO to open it for you. And maybe make a shortcut to it if you use it a lot.

Installation instructions:

1) Save the "Dance" file Talidro attached above.

2) Open "Dance".

3) It contains a "Dance Scripts" folder - navigate (double-click) into that.

4) You should see a whole bunch of files named "1".."8" and "clapdance" and "dance" and "dance1" and so on. Select them all and copy them to your clipboard with either Ctrl-A + Crtl-C or Edit > Select All + Edit > Copy.

5) Start the Anarchy Online launcher and accept the standard EULA as always.

6) On the second window, just above the "PLAY" button, is "SETTINGS" - click that.

7) In the GUI tab of the settings, there's a section for "Scripts", and next to the location is an "Open" button. Click that.

8) The window that comes up is your new scripts folder. Press Ctrl-V or use Edit > Paste to paste all those scripts you copied to your clipboard in step 4 into this folder.

9) Those scripts should now all be available in AO. You can use them by typing their names as / commands. The included scripts are:


Some of those are pretty long, so you might want to pick your favorites and macro them to hotkeys, like so:

/macro dance /uberlongdance

That would make a "dance" button you can put on your hotbar and click to run /uberlongdance

The /stop script aborts other scripts, including the infinite looping ones, but doesn't interrupt the current animation. It just won't proceed to the next command in the script. You must use /stop in the same chat window as the script you want to stop for it to work.
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