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 Post subject: Christmas 2011 event guide
PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:25 am 
GSP Dancer
GSP Dancer

Joined: Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:51 pm
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Location: Reet Retreat
There are lots of new and returning Christmas items this year, and three different places to get them. Some of it is not particularly obvious or has tricky bits, so for those of you who might not have much time to spend figuring it all out, here's a walkthrough of the new content and a checklist of what to get where. If you do want to try to figure out the new stuff, you probably want to stop reading when you get to the "SPOILERS" and come back later if necessary. Some of this may change a bit if/when they patch some of the broken stuff. (Lindelu has already posted an intention to patch the kLoathing Snowflake Shirt at least.)

If you consider the list of available items and events "spoilers", you should probably hit "Back" now.

1) The Snow Heckler Figurine
- Open the Item Shop. Use your right menu or assign a key with F10. I use Ctrl-Alt-I, but whatever works for you.
- Click the "Claim Items" button on top. This is a new button just for claiming free stuff. Very convenient.
- Buy one Snow Heckler Figurine for 0 points and pick it up at a mailbox.

2) Antleets
- They're out in the usual places, wandering mostly in and around tower fields, at the usual levels, roughly the range of the tower field.
- They're dropping Christmas Gifts that look like the same ones as last year, but have a few new items in them, in addition to all the old items.
- They're also dropping TRADABLE Winter Leet Nano crystals and Christmas Icicle Lights
Old Christmas Gift Items*: Dancing Mr. Claus, Dancing Mrs. Claus, Dancing Santa Doll, Snowball Lantern, Gingerbread Leet, Snowflake Placard, Pine Tree, Christmas Ornaments, Snowflake Machine, Santa Leet Doll, Gingerbread Yutto, Gingerbread Yutto Tent, Perfumed Morning Robe, Warm Heart Tattoo, Vacuum Packed Santa Suit, Vacuum Packed Santa Hat, Monster Sunglasses, Funny Arrow, Karlsson Propeller Cap, Hanging Mistletoe

New Christmas Gift Items*:
Snow Blower (convertible left/right, NoDrop)
Holiday Boogaloo Suit - Green & Red (NoDrop)
kLoathing Holiday Series #1: Snowflake Shirt (convertible red/white, NoDrop)
Asi Holly Drink (Tradable)

*see checklist at the end for which item fits in which gift box.

3) Iceleets
- They're out in the same places as the Antleets, at the same levels, and they're all social with each other, so be careful around herds.
- They're still dropping the snowflakes and snowflake machines, which are no longer as interesting now that they no longer give XP.

New Iceleet Items:
- Silver and Gold Star and Starfield nanosprays (Tradable, 4 types total, same as dropped at the end of last Christmas)
- Icicle Sword (NoDrop, convertible right/left)
- Shoulder Hovering Gold and Silver stars (NoDrop, convertible to Utils slot)
- Orisky Red Christmas Ball Hovervehicle (NoDrop, single use, same as dropped at the end of last Christmas)

(3.5) Gingerleet
- I just noticed Gingerleet is back, too, so I'll squeeze her in here. She's skinny like that.
- Same place as usual, outside Reet Retreat
- Same items: Gingerbread Yutto Tent (Tradable), Snowball Lantern (Tradable), Gingerbread Leet (NoDrop), Gingerbread Yutto (NoDrop)

4) Santa Leet
- Still gobbles up as much chocolate cake and chocolate chip muffin as you'll bring him, and as far as I know, nobody has found any effect yet. Lucky fuzzball doesn't gain an ounce. The first gets you a Pine Tree (Tradable)
- Still has a headache. Bring him a stack of exactly 50 Health and Nano Laboratories of any QL, the cheapest obviously being the most efficient, and you get a Vacuum Packed Santa Hat and Santa Suit. (Unique, Tradable)
- Still trades Christmas Ornaments (Tradable) for Golden Spheres, Ember Spheres, and Silver Pearls.

Offering to help Santa Leet gets you a mission in Meetmedere. 91 CompLit required to grid there, but it's on the second floor, and the elevator requires 101. Lowbies can run there safely from Newland Desert, but it takes a while. It has been suggested that a Santa Leet in Meetmedere to repeat the mission would help. So would a warp from Santa Leet to Meetmedere. We'll see.

SPOILERS: Minor to significant spoilers in this section.

5) Santa Leet's Workshop
- The door is low to the ground and leet-sized. It looks more like a ventiallation grate, which is obviously why we never noticed it before. Just follow your waypoint and/or the crowd and listen for the zoning sound.

- The lobby, or "Navigation Room" is nicely decorated but not very interactive. There's an elevator with a Machine in it to select the room to go to. You have to choose one of the first five and complete a mission there to proceed to the sixth. If you choose not to do the sixth, you can just leave, but you'll have a one hour lockout timer before you can restart. If you complete the sixth, you get a ten minute lockout instead.

- The Snowball Throwing Gallery is by far the easiest. Talk to the hiding leet, tell him you don't have a snowball nano (you need version 2.2, which he gives you; previous versions won't work) and then throw v2.2 snowballs at the Alien Infested Gifts that spawn. All you have to do is hit 10 of them without hitting a regular gift or an Elfleet or letting one time out and despawn. The only difficulty here is if you happen to have severe network latency, and even then, you can just retry. Reward: Holiday Play Suit - Christmas Edition #2 (NoDrop)

- The Gift Wrapping Room is almost as simple. Talk to the Elfleet and accept his quest to wrap up five Zixalike robot spider toys. His instructions are pretty clear on how to do that, for a leet. He also points out that they don't count if they don't make it all the way down the conveyor belt. It seems some of the robot spiders are actually real Zix playing dead. And no, you can't just kill them all first before you wrap them. Reward: Wrapped Gift Hat (NoDrop) - and you can also keep a Zixalike, an empty box, a box with a Zixalike in it, and a wrapped box, if you like. They're all NoDrop Unique and serve no apparent purpose outside this quest.

- The Package Sorting Room is broken. Michizure (now a Designer!) confirmed this at the party. Those snowballs that melted the Alien Infested Gifts in the Snowball Throwing Gallery were supposed to work here, but it didn't work as expected and would have taken quite a lot of work to fix. The mission is to kill all the escaping gifts before they get away, so if you can do enough damage fast enough, it's still possible. It's just not easy. Hopefully the patch to fix the Snowflake Shirt will add something here to make it easier. Reward: Penumbric Painting (Tradable)

- The Factory Room has a little more combat than previous rooms, but it's very easy and you can take it at your own pace. A Supervisor Elfleet and five coworkers are trapped in Kyr'Ozch laser cages in a room full of Kyr'Ozch mines. The room isn't really all that full, and the mines don't usually do much, but their effects range from a brief root to a small explosion to throwing you across the room. Talk to the supervisor to start the mission, then destroy a cage to free a leet. Two hopping red (color, not level) aliens will come from the elevator and/or vent shaft to attack you each time you do. Once all the leets are freed, talk to the supervisor again. Reward: Wooden Sled (Tradable)

- The Factory Storage Room is just as small as the rest and crowded with boxes, crates, and wrapped gifts. There is a red alien ahead on the left and a leet hiding ahead on the right. Kill the alien and talk to the leet. Try not to attack the leet. He is unfortunately attackable, so if you happen to agro him, return to the elevator, use the Machine to go back to the Navigation Room, then return to the Factory Storage Room (should be the only one that works) and he's forgotten all about it. The mission is simple to escort him to the elevator as six more of those aliens spawn on top of the boxes and attack. He's a tough little guy, though. He frewuently outdamages me, not that that's saying much, and even when I just sit back and watch, he makes it back to the elevator. When he's safe, he says "here we r" and you can talk to him again to complete the mission. Reward: Stone Fireplace (Tradable)

- The Transportation Room is the sixth option, which is locked out until you complete one of the first five, at which point the leet who rewards you begs or demands that you go "halp" in here. This is the boss battle of the mission and has several tricks to it. You can choose to just leave instead of entering this room, and you'll have a one hour lockout. If you choose to go for the boss, his rewards, and the shorter (10 minutes) lockout, buff in the Navigation room, before you hit that elevator button. The elevator breaks as soon as it lands here.

SPOILERS: Heavy spoilers from here down

Fleet Commander Grin'Cha nearly fills the room, but doesn't move from the center of it. He has boss-like health, but doesn't really hit all that hard. What he casts can be a problem, though:
1) Summon Three Corrupted Gifts with fiery swirls that explode after a few seconds, causing roughly 25% damage each.
2) Summon 2-4 Heavily Wrapped Infested Gifts that chase you and nibble away something like 5% of your health per hit, each. If he summons more than once, this adds up fast.
3) Root you for a few seconds (very dangerous when you're standing between two bombs at the time)
4) Mostly blind you (not as blind as an actual "blind" nano), nerfing your nanoskills and ranged attacks into negative range, so you can't even cast on yourself.
5) Small AoE attack, not to be worried over.

Also in this room are:
1) The elevator. Neither Grin'Cha nor his pets can see you through the bars. You can see them, but not attack them, while hiding in a corner of the elevator. The bombs can still kill you in there, if they happen to spawn close enough, but it's a good place to take a breather and heal and lure in one spider at a time to kill. Standing in the back, where the controls are, allows you to shoot/nuke Grin'Cha without very many of the spiders seeing you.
2) Space behind the elevator. It you're not the shooting type, you'll be running around the room a lot. The spiders have poor vision and very little memory, so if you run back through here, you'll likely lose them for a few seconds at least.
3) A Fireplace. A solid one, unlike the one you picked up in the Factory Storage Room. One you can jump on and shoot down at the Grinch without the spiders or bombs reaching you, if you can jump that high. If not, use the elevator.
4) Three normal gifts that are neither burning down a fuse nor scurrying after you. These will usually heal you, although about 1 in 3 will restore the Grin'Cha's nano instead. Not worth it for ranged, but melee will like them.

And probably the most important and fun detail of the whole mission: the Heavily Wrapped Alien Infested Gifts are vulnerable to snow. I mean VERY vulnerable. Throw a Snowball v2.2 at them and it does ONE BILLION damage. As a scripted effect, you don't get credit for the damage, but they have no loot or XP anyway, so use it.

Recommended Strategy: (aka what worked for me, YMMV)

- Ranged / Casting
Stand in the back of the elevator and shoot/nuke the big guy. When a spider sees you and comes to the elevator, cast that snowball. If a Corrupted Gift appears right outside the elevator and you're low on health, you can quickly run out and use one of the healing gifts on either side, but there will be bugs out there and if it turns out to be the wrong gift, you've just made things worse, failed to heal, and exposed yourself to more damage. It's a gamble. If you can jump on top of the fireplace, go for that. Either way, clean up the Infested Gifts carefully when you're done. Running for the loot with a dozen of them after you often ends in a whitescreen just as you're reaching for the treasure. If you're feeling patient and standing in the elevator, you can just wait for them to get bored and leave. They don't have much of an attention span.

- Melee
Charge. Chop, chop, chop, chop, swing, swing, swing, swing. By this time, there are spiders after you and swirling bombs around you and you're almost blind. Keep Grinchy as your fighting target. As a melee fighter, you'll keep attacking as you run around. First priority: run away from the bombs. There are four corners of the room and unless he casts twice in a row, only three gifts, so you can almost always get out of range. Second: throw snowballs at the little bugs, preferably as soon as possible after they appear, but not before you're out of bomb range. Third: while that snowball is in cooldown or your nano casting is nerfed or you have no bugs after you at the moment, run to the next (hopefully) healing gift, and if you're hurt, right-click it. Remember you can retreat in or behind the elevator or on the fireplace if necessary to take a breather.

- Pets
Sic your attack pet(s) on Grin'Cha. Throw snowballs at any infested gifts that attack you or your pets. That should do it. Got a gun? Shoot that, too. Got a sword? Run around like Melee when a bomb appears too close and either fight or hide the rest of the time.

However you defeat him, as soon as Grinchy is down, Santa Leet appears in the elevator, but any remaining bombs or spiders don't disappear. Clean up, loot the boss, and talk to Santa Leet. He'll teleport you outside since the elevator controls are broken. Last step, huggle your Uberleet doll and thank the Devs that world physics was altered ages past to provide a gravitational reaction on a planetary scale without the potential to sustain long-term impact damage.

Reward: Happy Snowman Mask (convertible to Sad, NoDrop, Unique)
either Nano Crystal (Zix-in-a-Box) or Nano Crystal (Elfleet Helper) (both Tradable)
and any two of this huge list:

New: Asi Holly Drink, Christmas Icicle Lights, Floating Golden Star Torch, Floating Silver Star Torch, Holiday Boogaloo Suit - Green & Red, Snow Blower
new-ish: Hovering Holiday Lantern - Util (convertible to Shoulder)
Replicas: Candy Cane, Dancing Mr. Claus, Dancing Mrs. Claus, Double Candy Canes, Fake Beard, Hanging Mistletoe, Icicle Sword, kLoathing Holiday Series #1: Snowflake Shirt, Manex Ear Protection Units, Santa Bag, Santa Leet Doll, Snowman, Sprig of Mistletoe, The Naughty List Bikini Bottom, The Naughty List Bikini Top, The Naughty List Boxers, Winter Survival Kit, Winter Jacket, Winter Sweater

All the replicas are NoDrop and only available from Grin'Cha.
Checklist for the rest:

New, NoDrop, 1 or 2 each:
- Heckler, Snow Action Figure - Item Shop
- Floating Silver Star Torch - Shoulder/Utils - Iceleets, Grin'Cha
- Floating Gold Star Torch - Shoulder/Utils - Iceleets, Grin'Cha
- Icicle Sword - Right/Left Hand - Iceleets, Grin'Cha
- Boogaloo Suit Holiday Red & Green - Tall green gift with red ribbon, Grin'Cha
- kLoathing Holiday Series #1, Snowflake Shirt - Red/White - Square green gift with silver and red ribbon, Grin'Cha
- Snow Blower - Right/Left Hand- Short green gift with red ribbon, Grin'Cha
- Play Costume - Holiday edition #2 - Snowball Throwing Gallery
- Wrapped Box Head - Package Wrapping Room
- Snowman Mask (Unique) - Transportation Room / Grin'Cha

New, NoDrop, Collectable:
- Orisky Hoverchair - Iceleets, Grin'Cha

New, Tradable, Collectable:
- Winter Leet Nano - Antleets
- Silver Star Nanospray - Iceleets
- Silver Starfield Nanospray - Iceleets
- Gold Star Nanospray - Iceleets
- Gold Starfield Nanospray - Iceleets
- Christmas Icicle Lights - Iceleets, Grin'Cha
- Penumbric Painting - Package Sorting Room
- Wooden Sled - Factory Room
- Stone Fireplace - Factory Storage Room
- Asi Holly Drink - Rectangular green gift with silver and red ribbon, Grin'Cha
- Elfleet Helper Nano - Grin'Cha
- Zix-in-a-box Nano - Grin'Cha

Old, Tradable, Collectable:
- Pine Tree - Santa Leet, Square green gift with silver and red ribbon
- Christmas Tree Ornaments - Santa Leet, Square green gift with silver and red ribbon
- Perfumed Morning Robe - Short yellow gift with blue ribbon
- Hanging Mistletoe - Red gift with yellow ribbon
- Warm Heart Tattoo - Short yellow gift with blue ribbon
- Snowball Lantern - Short green gift with red ribbon, Gingerleet
- Gingerbread Yutto Tent - Rectangular green gift with silver and red ribbon, Gingerleet
- Snowflakes for Machine - Iceleets, a filled Snowflake Machine

Old, Tradable, Unique:
- Vacuum Packed Santa Suit - Santa Leet, Short yellow gift with blue ribbon
- Vacuum Packed Santa Hat - Santa Leet, Tall yellow gift with blue ribbon

Old, NoDrop, 1 or 2 each:
- Dancing Mrs. Claus (Unique) - Short green gift with red ribbon, Replicas from Grin'Cha,
- Dancing Mr. Claus (Unique) - Short green gift with red ribbon, Replicas from Grin'Cha,
- Dancing Santa Doll (Unique) - Tall green gift with red ribbon, Replicas from Grin'Cha,
- Snowflake Placard - Square green gift with silver and red ribbon
- Snowflake Machine (Unique) - Iceleets, Square green gift with silver and red ribbon
- Gingerbread Yutto - Rectangular green gift with silver and red ribbon, Gingerleet
- Gingerbread Leet - Tall green gift with red ribbon, Gingerleet
- Santa Leet Doll - Rectangular green gift with red and silver ribbon
- Funny Arrow - Tall yellow gift with blue ribbon
- Karlsson Propeller Cap - Tall yellow gift with blue ribbon
- Monster Sunglasses - Tall yellow gift with blue ribbon

[EDIT Dec. 31 - added Gingerleet]

Anything makes sense when misinterpreted properly.

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 Post subject: Re: Christmas 2011 event guide
PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:07 pm 
GSP Dancer
GSP Dancer
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This is awesome!! Thanks so much!!

Looks like I might have to actually dust off my armor. :)

Gunney: Lissunin ta GSP mayukz me wanna play... wut bettah reezun duz enee wun need?

 Post subject: Re: Christmas 2011 event guide
PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:14 pm 
GSP Dancer
GSP Dancer

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You're welcome! Hope you have time to make use of it! A lot of this is also available in-game, via Guestbot. That's what I started with, but they're missing a few important details. Still, that could be useful for quick lookups in-game. Just "/tell Guestbot xmas" for their two-page short version.

Oh, and I added Gingerleet when I noticed her earlier today. All her loot is available from Christmas Gifts as well, but if you want one particular item, it's easier to ask her for it than open a bunch of boxes, even if you know which kind of gift box it's in. BTW - although this year's gifts _look_ identical to last year's, and contain the same old items in the same old boxes, they actually are distinct items. Last year's gifts haven't been updated to also contain the new items.

Anything makes sense when misinterpreted properly.

 Post subject: Re: Christmas 2011 event guide
PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:55 pm 
GSP Dancer
GSP Dancer
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I did find some time and got the stuff I felt was most important on rk1. If it is still out I will try and at least get a play costume on rk2 in a little bit.

Gunney: Lissunin ta GSP mayukz me wanna play... wut bettah reezun duz enee wun need?

 Post subject: Re: Christmas 2011 event guide
PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:36 am 
GSP Dancer
GSP Dancer

Joined: Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:51 pm
Posts: 182
Location: Reet Retreat
I hope everyone got at least their favorite stuff. The event appears to be over for this year. I was hoping it would be going a little longer, but I say that every time. Ah, well. Time to sort those backpacks and maybe get an early start stocking up on prizes for the summer. This event seemed well received over all. They'll probably do it again. If not next year, maybe the year after. Alternating between 12 Days of Tours and Santa Leet's Workshop. maybe. This guide might come in handy again some day. We'll see.

Anything makes sense when misinterpreted properly.

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