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The GridStream Dancers

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In the beginning, there was GridStream Productions and it was good. GridStream brought life and music to the war-weary inhabitants of Rubi-Ka. GridStream didn't just give them an escape, it gave them a party, and it delivered that party night after night. When something is that good, it's worth noticing, and people did notice. Before long word got out and what was once a few weary stragglers became a genuine following. Soldiers found that they could escape the grind on the battlefield. Adventurers found a new adventure in lighting up the people of Rubi-Ka for fun rather than self-defense. Little by little, profession by profession, and faction by faction, the people of Rubi-Ka found something they could gather around and support in unity. They found GridStream.

But there were still battles to be fought. There were still enemies to be conquered. There were still worlds to explore and lands to obtain. Day after day the people needed to survive, and surviving meant taking up arms and returning to the service of their people. Yet night after night GridStream was there to welcome them back with open arms.

Those who returned to the party often enough soon began to encounter a new group emerging from the crowd. They were the ones whose love of the parties and love of GridStream transcended their need to fight to survive. They found a new kind of survival in GridStream. They found this new kind of survival in the uniting of the people of Rubi-Ka in dance and song. They called themselves the GSP Dancers.

Today the GSP Dancers still support GSP the same way they have from the beginning. It is rare to not find at least one of their members in the crowd during a live gridstream, dancing and supporting the DJ. The GSP Dancers are social creatures and are dedicated to helping GSP in making Rubi-Ka a better place for all people.

In the beginning, there was GridStream Productions and it was good. Today there is GridStream Productions, and the support of the GSP Dancers, and it is awesome. In the ancient words of Ted Theodore Logan, "Party on, Dudes!"
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