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GSP Dancers Application

How long have you played Anarchy Online?
How Often are you available for shows?
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Please be aware that GSP Dancers do have a minimum age requirement of 18.
Therefore we respectfully request that you do not submit your application unless you meet this requirement.

When concerning IRL, it's admirable respect yourself and question your leaders.
But when concerning GSP Dancers, question yourself and respect your leader. That's how entertainment orgs work.   To that end, all potential GSP Dancers must be able to agree to the following statement.  Please note that despite the wording, this statement does not guarantee your acceptance.  It is simply one step on that journey.

          Please read the following: I, ______________________, am a member of the GSP Dancers so that I might share my support for GSP with other like-minded people, and have a great time doing it. As a member, I understand that I have a voice that will be heard within the Dancers and that my presented ideas and beliefs do not necessarily take precedence over anyone else's. I also completely understand that Vallikat is the leader and her call is final no matter how driven by her own personal beliefs it might be, because only one path can be taken by any combined government of people, and she is the currently selected individual to make that choice.  

We will consider your application with great importance and we will respond in a reasonable time. We will also set up a interview in a timely fashion. Please be patient we are people too and we have many things going on all at one time, you will not be forgotten.


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